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Women-Owned Real Estate Solutions Company that is Dynamic & Endeavors to exceed all companies in the Real Estate Market. We’ve witnessed First-hand what Homeowners Face with most companies when trying to sell their home quickly for cash. 

The Outlook is not so good for the homeowner and very good for the investment company. The Biggest Reason we set out to start my own company is that we knew we could do business the right way where everyone is happy. Our company Sunflower Home Offers is changing Homeowner’s Perception one house at a time.

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We buy houses in and around Wichita

Sunflower Real Estate Solutions buys houses in and around Wichita (and other areas, too!). We pay cash and close quickly according to your schedule.

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We offer you best value in cash*

Based on our property research, we will give you a cash offer. We want you to feel safe about getting a fair cash offer with no hidden charges.

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Effortlessly sell your house within 7 days*

Have the flexibility of choosing the date to move on as quickly as 7 days from today with our Cash Offer option.

Our Story

We’ve witnessed first-hand what homeowners face with most companies when trying to sell their homes quickly for cash. The biggest reason we started Sunflower Homes is that we knew we could do business the right way where everyone is happy.
Sunflower Home offers unique solutions because we don’t just buy homes for cash; we offer property management to rental companies, creative financing to homeowners, and partner with other investors on creative project deals.
Our competitive advantage over other House-buying Companies is that we offer high cash that other companies wouldn’t dare offer. We stay connected throughout the entire process, so all questions are answered to ensure the whole process is effortless.

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Give us a call at (316) 799-0924, and Get an offer on your home.

How Fast Do You Need To Sell Your House in Wichita, Kansas?

Since we are a real estate investment company as well as licensed and reputable real estate agents, we have multiple ways we can work with you to sell your home on your schedule and for the highest price.

Some of the ways we work with homeowners…

We can list your house on the market and use our proprietary marketing methods to sell your Wichita house fast

or, if you want speed and convenience, we can make you an all-cash offer and close in as little as seven days with no fees

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START HERE: We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. Whether you need to sell your home fast for cash or list with a local agent for top dollar, we can help.

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